Thursday, December 19, 2013

So THAT'S where the Kraken came from...

God's had a bad day when:
  1. She screws with the Baptist office managers by telling them Christmas will be celebrated in July from this point forward.

  2. Not even a bear hug from Artemis cheers Her up.

  3. She makes an office-wide decree that only She's allowed to wear gold on Tuesdays, which means the Romans have to rethink their entire wardrobes.

  4. She directs all the new hires to St. Nikolaus, telling them he's actually God.

  5. She throws a temper tantrum when She runs out of wine and Jesus refuses to help out.
"Seems a little like overkill to me..."

"No one asked your opinion, Mike."

"Just sayin', Ellie...the kraken's a bit much for this modern day crowd."