The Characters

It’s like a Playbill from a production you’ve never actually seen…

Claire Elizabeth Rogers – The unlikely, unwilling heroine of the story. Claire is a librarian at a small, private college in the middle of nowhere, Maine. She’s also a ranking member of the Prophetic Services Bureau at Heaven, Inc.

God – Also known as ‘Ellie’, God is the boss-woman of Heaven, Inc. and a major shareholder in the Pearly Gates Corporation. She inherited the position from Her Father, Yahweh, when He retired. She recruited Claire Herself when Claire was just six years old.

Michael, the Archangel – Michael is Claire’s guardian angel and has been since she was six. He’s also very good friends with Claire’s parents, Henry and Katherine Rogers. Like all archangels, Michael is a big fan of classic rock, fine cigars, and the best scotch mortal money can buy.

Jack Hardcourt – Claire’s best friend and a local record store owner in the town of Tuttle, Maine where Claire lives and works. Jack met Claire on her very first day in Tuttle…and he’s loved her pretty much ever since. Not that he’d ever tell HER that.

Henry Rogers – Claire’s father, an English professor at a Boston college. He’s a mortal, unlike his wife…

Katherine Rogers – Claire’s mother. She’s formerly an angel, which she would have continued to be for eternity if not for annoying the piss out of God. She doesn’t think Henry knows about her past history – or the fact that she’s technically 500 years old. Henry, like all good husbands, knows exactly what she is.

Patrick Rogers – Claire’s brother, an investment banker in Boston. He's always known his sister was a bit...different.

Metatron – Literally the Voice of God…at least when She’s speaking to the masses. Meta, as he's known, has a penchant for loud colors and often dresses like a 1960s London Mod Squad reject. He’s worked with Ellie since She took over the business.

Lucifer – The Devil, or ‘Lucy’ as God prefers to call him, inhabits a large amount of the basement offices at the Pearly Gates Corporate headquarters. He’s the President of Hell, Hades & Purgatory, Ltd. and he works with both Hades and Dante on a regular basis. He and God have a particularly inappropriate history, thanks to an evening of drinking and carousing.

St. Margaret of Antioch – Claire’s patron saint and favorite member of the Heaven, Inc. staff. Margaret is best friends with St. Barbara (patron saint of artillerymen) and Claire’s mother, Katherine (whom she met just after Katherine’s unfortunate accident in her father’s smithy).

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