About the Adventures

Claire Elizabeth Rogers is a librarian…and a prophet working for Heaven, Inc. 

Both jobs can be stressful, depending on the state of the shelves at the end of the day and the amount of demon crap she’s had to wade through. Right now, though, God is up for re-election and the other candidates are chomping at the bit for a taste of the Great and Holy action.

There's an apocalypse around the corner, the 4-H to contend with, and Claire’s just been asked by God, directly, to help the Great and Holy Her get through it in one piece.

Good thing Claire's got a well stocked liquor cabinet and a long list of friends to call on for help.

These are the stories within the story, the adventures outside of the novel, and it’s your chance, dear reader, to meet the characters before you read the book – whenever that may be.

Enjoy yourself.

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